Meet DJ Seeger

DJ Seeger, age 25, is a Native Texan businessman and humanitarian known as the Owner and President of Seeger Water Corporation. DJ Seeger is a tenacious and fiscally conservative visionary with deep roots and a passion for community service and leadership.

Since 2013, DJ Seeger has volunteered nearly 5,000 hours to the Crisis Center of Comal County, serving victims of domestic violence and sexual assault. Additionally, DJ has supported and facilitated the growth of victims services programs and the distribution of Comfort Cases to children in foster care.

As a businessman, DJ inherited his dad's small lawn sprinkler company and is growing it into Texas' superior water management firm. This Fall 2020 DJ plans to launch the new Seeger Water brand, offering more services to more regions.

DJ currently serves as the Treasurer of Comal Young Republicans, a political action committee based in New Braunfels, Texas. Please visit for more info.