Meet DJ Seeger

DJ Seeger, age 25, is a Native Texan businessman, humanitarian, and environmentalist. He is known as the Owner and President of Seeger Sprinklers, San Antonio's superior landscape irrigation and backflow contractor. As a leader, DJ is energetic and tenacious, expanding the company more than 4 times its size in his 2 year tenure.

As a community leader, DJ Seeger has a demonstrated commitment to the betterment of society. Since September 2013, Seeger has volunteered more than 4,000 hours to the Crisis Center of Comal County, serving adult and child victims of abuse and exploitation. Through his service, DJ works directly with victims, providing advocacy and support, and in administration, aiding with public policy and grantwriting. To further support child victims, DJ and the Seeger Family are faithful supporters of Rob Scheer and Comfort Cases, making sure no child in foster care has to carry their belongings in trash bags.

Beginning May 2019, Seeger serves on the Board of Directors for the New Braunfels Irrigation Association. At the beginning of his tenure, Seeger stated that his agenda with the organization is "to make the landscape irrigation field and the role of Licensed Irrigators one of high integrity, respect, and professionalism." Seeger regularly attends meetings and hearings at the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality, voicing the need for licensing enforcement in the irrigation industry.

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